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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tips & Tricks So We Can All Have A Lil' Bone

Subdue your appetites, my dears, and you've conquered human nature.
: Charles Dickens :


  • At 7:32 AM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    Here are some things to do INSTEAD OF eating:

    1. Clean house! Get busy "hoeing and throwing," go through old stuff and purge out what you don't wear, don't want, don't need anymore. Dust. Vaccuum. Scrub. Keep busy! It engages the attention and keeps the thoughts off food. If you're a teen, your mom will be amazed and VERY grateful, so grateful she'll forget to nag you about food! If you're an adult, you'll thank yourself when you're done!

    2. Keep sipping on that lemon-water, tea, or diet pepsi while you work! Keeps the tummy sated so it won't growl at ya.

    3. Put on some music and dance! Or keep the tunes rolling while you clean house, it keeps the work from getting boring and you can boogie while you sweat!

    4. Work on your new pro-ana website, or update your online ana journal.

    5. Network with other pro-anas through chat, email, messenger or club sites -- get some support and motivation from your sisters/brothers when you NEED it!

    6. Put together a pro-ana scrapbook (or add some new things if you already have one) with lists of safe foods, low-cal, low-fat, low-carb recipes, word collages, and of course, TRIGGER PICS!!!

    7. Surf the web and make a list of all the pro-ana sites you can find, or all the safe-food sites you can find, or all the places online where you can buy diet pills, shake mixes, etc. These lists are VERY handy for research and sharing with others!

    8. Get up off that lazy cow butt and take a walk or start working out! You still have fat to burn, don't you??? Quit laying around dreaming of donuts and pizza and GET BUSY!!! =)

  • At 8:13 AM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    Do You Measure Up???

    Height - 'Ideal' Model Weight
    5'0" 102 lbs
    5'1" 104 lbs
    5'2" 105 lbs
    5'3" 107 lbs
    5'4" 109 lbs
    5'5" 111 lbs
    5'6" 112 lbs
    5'7" 114 lbs
    5'8" 116 lbs
    5'9" 117 lbs
    5'10" 119 lbs

  • At 7:27 PM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    BMI Calculations...Where Do YOU Fit In???

    UNDER 15 = Emaciated
    Under 17.5 = Anorexic
    Below 18.5 = Underweight
    18.5 – 24.9 = Normal
    25.0 – 29.9 = Overweight
    30.0 and Above = Obese (Gross!!!)

  • At 8:57 PM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    Put That Cookie Down...Ways to stop that binge dead in its tracks:

    1. Drink one glass of water every hour. Set your watch if you need to. Ice-cold water burns more calories.
    2. If your not fasting, try to eat a small amount spread out throughout the day. Having six meals consisting of fifty calories each is a good idea. Just have something small to eat two to three hours apart. This will also give your metabolism a boost.
    3. Drink warm liquids when you feel like you're going to binge; beef/chicken broth and coffee are good. Warm liquids expand the intestinal tract making you feel full.
    4. Remember the later you stay up the hungrier you'll get.
    5. Studies show that the longer you stay in a darkened room the hungrier you'll get.
    6. Weigh yourself before you eat, it will show you that you still have more to lose. Weigh yourself after you eat as well. Believe us you'll be more motivated once you start seeing the numbers creep up.
    7. If you feel like eating, grab a hold of the fat on your stomach, thighs, etc. that will remind you exactly what your trying to lose.
    8. Watch other people eat and smell their food (this can be dangerous if you're on the verge of a binge) try to convince yourself afterwards that you were in fact that one eating and that you are full.
    9. Watching people eat can also make you more determined. You'll feel stronger watching them give in to food. You're superior and don't want to grow disgustingly fat like them. You'll also feel better afterwards knowing that you didn't give in to your hunger.
    10. Just think about how bad, disgusting, and dirty you will feel after you eat. Are ten minutes of satisfaction worth all that pain?
    11. If you live alone or with someone who'd dieting you can place pictures of either reverse triggers or pictures of beautiful skinny models in the kitchen where the fattening foods you crave are kept. Seeing the pictures will remind you of what you want to become or what will happen if you binge.
    12. Find a buddy and compete with him/her. Your competitiveness will over rule your hunger and cravings.
    13. Spend a little (or a lot) of time each day at pro-anorexic sites, reading anorexic diaries, and chatting with supporters on the Internet. This will make you stronger and help you realize your goals.
    14. Wear extra tight clothes, especially tight jeans. They should be two sizes too small (if you can fit it). This will be a constant reminder that you need to lose weight. And if you gain weight you’ll just have wasted your money.
    15. Clean something you find truly disgusting (I usually clean my turtle’s tank but, the litter box and toilet work just fine). Afterwards you won't feel like eating for another couple of hours.
    16. Wear a rubberband around your wrist and snap it if you think you're going to binge. The pain will train you to not think of eating.
    17. Try removing your ana bracelet before you binge. You'll feel like such a failure you won't want to eat anymore.
    18. Listen to other people eat. It sounds so gross you'll lose your
    19. Download thinspiration to your phone as wallpaper. Whenever you feel like your going to eat, flip it open and remember exactly why you began this lifestyle in the first place.
    20. If your craving is so strong that you can't resist, just take a bite, chew, and then spit it out. If you crave even more put what you spat out back in your mouth. You'll be so grossed out you won't want to eat anymore.

  • At 12:00 AM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    **Jessika's Favorites**

    - Ok. I know this is sick, but it works. When ever you have food cravings, just get the food you are craving, and squish it up into the toilet. Then, stick your head enough in the toilet to smell the awful smell of sewer and that food. That is enough to kill that horrible evil we Anas call hunger.

    - All you need for this trick is a belt. When you are around the house, always wear a belt tightened around your tummy as tight as it will fit under your shirt. I mean, not to the point where your gonna puke, but tight enough to remind you that your not at your goal of having all bones yet. If you do eat with this on, the belt will get even tighter and very uncomfortable, and you will have to wear it all day long like that to punish yourself. This will make you not wanna eat with this on ever again.

    - Nothing makes me more mad than seeing fat people trying to go on a diet. They just want to be like us, perfect. So seeing them should push you even more to become perfect. If you give into the temptation of disgusting food, your basically letting your guard down for all fat people, and letting them think you are average just like them. Anas are not average, We are above average.

    - One good thing to always keep with you is vinegar. Get a mini spray bottle(Mine is one of those spray candy bottles. Of course I first poured the candy out and rinsed the bottle!!)Put vinegar in the bottle and every time your get hungry, spray the vinegar as many times as you want at the back of your tongue. This will really upset your stomach, and kill your appetite.


  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    Reasons To Be A Good Girl...


    -With money you have saved from not buying food, pamper yourself in some kind of way besides eating, and make it something special.
    -Only wear your skinny clothes when you have been good for a whole week (or when you're bad) and make it a special occasion when you wear your thin clothes.

    -Take a cold shower for as long as you can until your teeth chatter
    -Work off twice as many calories as you ate.
    -Fast one day for every thousand calories, unless you didn't eat over a thousand, then fast one day for every 100 calories you ate.
    -If you're a make-up lover like me, then if you do bad one day, don't wear make-up the next day. After a while you will miss your make-up.
    -If you get very bloated and you get bigger, wear something that looks good on you when you haven't eaten for a few days and you will realize what a difference that cheeseburger can make.

  • At 2:00 AM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    Diet Pill Reviews...

    -BetaTrim: Very cheap. $9.00 for a bottle of 180. If I take two in the morning and one in the afternoon I can go all day without eating. They're available in a buffered formula that won't bother your stomach. (Thank you Chloe for this review!)

    -Cidermax: it costs about 13 dollars for 60. you are supposed to take one to two a day with food..i have been taking it for about 2 weeks when i remember and i lost about 3 lbs in the first few days..good energy supply, great and i mean great appetite suppresant. the only bad part is, its so loaded with fiber, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom... (Thank you Amanda for this review!)

    -Dexatrim Natural: Cheap. Very Cheap. I think they were 8 dollars a box, but there aren't as many as you would get in a bottle of something else. They made me jittery though. (Thanks OPEN Fire)
    Dexidrin: (it isnt spelled that way, but it sounds like that) it is an off shot of adderal.. It is a small triangular orange or yellow pill.. it is great.. it gives you a bit of a buzz.. but it is a good buzz and you are not hungry at all.. (Thank you dark_angel_288012 for this review!)

    -Diet Fuel: I have been taking this for about a week (4 days) now and it really does work on the energy part. I can get through my workout without being too tired, I could do a second one right after it. It does curb your hunger very well. But watchout if you do eat, it makes me feel kinda sea sick if that is what you want to call it for the first couple of bites. The first couple of days it made me a little jittery but that is from the energy you get and I have lost a pound and a half. Pretty good because I was also bingeing this week, period. You can by this a a Twin Lab store or at your local Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or wherever they sell Twin Lab. It costs about $20 a bottle for a 90 pill bottle. Pretty good. I take 2 in the morning and that lasts me through the day or two in the evening and two at night(if I don't want to sleep). The reccomended dosage is 6 a day. (Thank you Leana for this review!)

    -Extreme Power Plus: I lost about 5 lbs. in 2 weeks. They cost about $13.00 a bottle, it says take 2 a day, everyday. They make me feel jittery and make me want to get up and clean, so I've been losing a whole lot of weight!! =) (Thank you Angel for this review!)

    -Green Tea Extract: I just wanted to tell you about Green Tea Extract. you can get it at any health food store and it works great. it is very good for those of you that was to go more natural when it vcomes to diet pills. no jitters at all. i have been taking them for two weeks and have lost 15 pounds. of course this is with a lot of excercise, but i swear by green tea. (Thank you Becca for this review!)

    -Herbalife Green & Beige Tablets (review #1): I have currently been taking a diet pill That you can only buy from an independant distrubutor. i am a distrubutor of these products now and I lost 6 pounds on my first day! It's called Herbalife green and beige tablets. Taken in conjunction with the Cell-u-loss tablets (which absorbs excess water from fat pockets) you pee out all of the extra water carried on your body! I love these products!. The green and beige tablets increase your metabolism, give you extra energy, and are coated with kelp. I never feel hungry, and have lost 15 lb. in 2 weeks. (Thank you Jennifer for this review!)

    -Herbalife Green & Beige Tablets (review #2): I also used to take herbal life. I dont really want to talk bad about the person whom put the review on here about herbalife but she most likely was selling her product. It did absolutely nothing for me or anyone I sold them to. Good luck to all of you. (Thank you dylanangel for this review!)

    -Hydroxy Cut: I am writing to tell you,that for diet pills I take Hydroxy cut. I take 4 a day and them seem to be working, I am on month 2 with them and have lost 40 pounds. (Thank you Kattalynia for this review!)

    -Hydroxy Cut (review #2): im also taking hydroxycut and though it made me really jittery at first (took too many), now that ive regulated it, i feel fine. ive only been taking it a short while, but ive been able to lose 6lbs in 4 days, so i think its doing its job ;) (Thank you ~phoebepetals~ for this review)

    -Metabolife: One of my favorites. They gave me energy to spare and made me not want to eat, without all those jittery, heart-racing, hallucinogenic effects. They're a bit on the spendy side @ 24 dollars a bottle. (Thanks OPEN Fire)

    -Metabolift (review #1): ... is the best one out there. I take 1 pill a day(in the morning) and it makes me feel sick at the thought of even eating. It definately supresses your appetite, the only problem is you do get a little nauseous. You can eat with these, but you don't have to, you loose tons of weight either way. (Thank you Jackie for this review!)

    -Metabolift (review #2): I just wanted to say that I've been taking Metabolift on and off for a little while now. It hasn't helped me to loose weight (because I don't take it regularly)but it does give me engergy and when I do take it I don't feel as hungry. I got it at GNC for like $10 with a coupon (I think it is normally like $14). It doesnt' make me jittery but if I take it after 3pm I don't sleep all night! (Thank you CourageToOvercome for this review!)

    -Metab-O-Lite: This doesn't work at all when it comes to suppressing hunger or even losing weight! I took two weeks while exercising excessively and they didn't make any changes that wouldn't have occurred just from the exercise and restriction. (Thank you Starlett for this review!)

    -MetaboSurge: This is another knock-off of Metabolife 356.... it is called MetaboSurge... It is very comparable to Metabolife. Metabosurge is available at most GNC or other Nutrition Stores. It is (or was whenever I bought it) about $15.00 for a 90 tablet bottle. I found that it gives me energy, help boost my metabolism, helps curb appetite and helps me lose weight. It can cause "jitters" if you take too many. I only take 1 at a time, two times a day. the recommended dosage is 1 or 2 two times a day. I don't like it as well as Metabolife, but it does work as well. (Thank you Sapphire for this review!)

    -Phentermine (review #1): I ordered on the net ....(A Dr. perscribes them, which you can get by filling out a simple questionaire)....with s/h it was over $85.00, for 30 pills!! IT DOES NOT least for me. You are supposed to take one before breakfast (30mg) I think they are a waste of time and money!! (Thank you Angie for this review!)

    -Phentermine (review #2): I took it for over 3 years and it worked wonders. Never thought about food, didn't care if, when, or what I ate. I think I may have heart problems from it though. I have constant palpitations. But that could just be my poor eating habbits. I don't know why more people don't use this stuff if they really want to lose weight. (Thank you April for this review!)

    -Power Thin: They work great. You take two in the morning on an empty stomach and you won't feel hungry all day. If you feel like eating, you get really full quickly. Only thing is that you can get a bit queasy and jittery. I can only find them at a few GNC's, but they have a website (Thank you Anonymous for this review!)

    -Prolab's Therma Pro: It can make you a little jittery, but I kind of like that, it keeps me moving. I recommend taking the first daily dose with a multi-vitamin, as this staves off most of the bad effects of ma huang (ephedrine). It has more ephedrine per pill than most, so the recommended dose is one pill, twice a day. And at 19.99 at GNC for a bottle of 120, it's an absolute steal! I'll lost 10lbs so far and still have about 1/3 of the bottle left. (Thank you shadowofself for this review!)

    -Puralin: It hasn't been very publicized, and that's a good thing. It doesn't work at all! I have even taken more than the amount allowed for one day and I see no results. I follow a strict diet but they give me no energy and don't curb my appetite as promised. I would recommend that you don't waste your money on this. (Thank you *Lauren* for this review!)

    -Ripped Fuel (review #1): Ripped Fuel is another one.. with the red letters... there are many different kinds. I'd be rather careful with this one; its made me physically sick. I still take it, though, and I've lost maybe 10 pounds in 3 months.. But I've heard more successful stories. Not too expensive... 120 count for about $30.. but you can get it cheaper at Wal Mart, I'm sure. (Thank you Shannon for this review!)

    -Ripped Fuel (review #2): God darn it it made me more sick then anything, besides not being able to do much cause i would shake. i even tryed easting with it and the food doesn't seem to stayed down. i would not recomend it to people (Thank you Julia for this review!)

    -Stacker 2: I took Stacker 2 which run for about 35 dollars, they sucked they didnt help at all and they made me so jittery i couldnt move at times not to mention i would be awake all night if i took two through out the day. (Thank you AnaPunkChick for this review!)
    Stacker 3: I had a very limited supply of Stacker 3's. However, I took them for about 3 days. Within those 3 days I lost 6 lbs with very little effort. With these pills you do have to eat. So I ate apples and salads, and other such "good-for-you" foods. There are, however, a few regulations that I'd suggest following: don't take the pills after 5:00 pm (give or take about an hour) - you WILL be up all night. Since they are metabolism-boosting, fat-burning pills, not eating will be less effective; its best if you give your body some healthy (maybe even negative) calories that you can find in fruits and veggies. Some side effects that I felt (these may not apply to everyone): fidgiting (feeling kind of anxious), dizziness, and sleeplessness (when the pills were taken too late). Those side effects, also, were pretty mild. Other than those tiny obstacles, Stacker 3's worked very very well. (Thank you Christy for this review!)

    -T-Lites: I started on T-Lites which i got from wal-mart for ablut 13 dollars im not sure how they work but i lost about 8-10lbs on them in the first week so they do work. i know there a newer pill but the people ive talked to that have taken it have also seen weight loss. (Thank you AnaPunkChick for this review!)

    -Thermolift: Thermolift is one of the pricier Diet Pills out there, in my opinion, it's probably the best. The recommended dosage is 2 two times a day, I have always taken 1 two times a day... sometimes just one a day. (Keeping in mind that with most diet supplements, they are assuming you are eating three or more fairly good-sized meals a day... when most of us eat 2 or less SMALL meals daily.) I found I had lots of extra energy, I didn't get "Jittery" or anything like that... I dropped 6 pounds my first week on them, and 3 each week after that... So they do work. The downside is that they range anywhere from $15.00 a bottle to $30.00 a bottle, depending on the distributor. But if you have a little extra to spend on them, they're worth it. :) (Thank you Sapphire for this review!)

    -Trimspa: Trimspa is jitters, full of energy and completely takes away your appetite. It goes for 39$ for a 1 month supply, however, very worth it! (Thank you Shannon for this review!)

    -Xenadrine (review #1): Made me hallucinate. No lie. Of course I took 4 of them, but the reccomended dose is two twice per day. If I take just two I get jittery as all hell. If I take one I get somewhat jittery. They're also quite expensive @ about 30-40 dollars a bottle. They did, however, control my appetite very well. (Thanks OPEN Fire)

    -Xenadrine (review #2): I have been taking Xenadrine for about 3 months. I lost about 10 pounds so far. I have at times started seeing wierd crap, though. (Thanks Nic)

    -Xenadrine (review #3): i've been taking the diet pill Xenadrine. I took it for maybe a month or two around springtime of 2002 and i was very impressed with the results. they did make me jittery and sometimes my stomach got a little upset, but they worked will with controlling my appetite. i lost 18 pounds. unfortunately i gained the weight back and im back on them, but they dont seem to be working as well as they used to be. i think once u've been taking them for so long ur body begins to get used to it, so i recommend if u decide to take them, not to take them for more than 2 months. (Thanks Lee)

    -Xenical: Very Expensive, it blocks 30% of the fat that you consume when eating 1 meal, and another 20% of fat already stored. (Thank you Monet for this review!)

    -XtremeLean: I found a supplement very similar to Xenadrine at Albertson's. It's called XtremeLean (or XtaLean at Rosauers). It's about $14 a bottle and does exactly the same thing. What can I say, I love a bargain. (Thank you Chella Gleese for this review!)

  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    So, are you really hungry? Ways to tell if your eating is Obesity (wait, wait I mean Emotional)based...

    -Emotional eaters simply eat large quantities of “comfort foods.” They eat out of emotion rather than true hunger.

    -People may eat out of boredom and habit, and it’s important to be aware of how this cycle affects their lives.

    -So the first step is to recognize the difference between emotional and physical hunger.

    -Physical hunger is a gradual process and it starts in the stomach. There are physical clues such as growling and emptiness in the stomach, and low energy levels.

    -However, emotional hunger is the process of getting immediate satisfaction from foods that are high in carbohydrates, sodium, and simple sugars – such as cookies, chocolate, cheese, and potato chips.

    -These foods contain serotonin and endorphins that are responsible for the feel good feelings that so many people long for during stressful moments in their lives.

    Here are the 5 behaviors of EMOTIONAL HUNGER:

    1. Hunger comes on suddenly.

    2. You have an overwhelming desire for a specific food and no other substitutes will do.

    3. You have an urgency to eat at that very moment.

    4. Absent-minded eating. An example of this is when you consciously decide to have just a few potato chips, but unconsciously you eat the entire bag.

    5. You have the inability to recognize the feeling of fullness. The desire is to bury your emotions with food or to dull your troubling emotions in hopes of feeling “comforted”.
    Preventing emotional eating will happen when you can identify the underlying issues. What made you go into the kitchen? How did you feel before eating the entire bag of cookies and how do you feel afterwards?

    The top 4 ways to overcome the emotional eating roller coaster:

    1. Keep a journal
    When feelings of frustration, sadness, or anger set in, reach for your journal instead of food. Releasing strong emotions in a healthy way is a great way to maintain mental health.

    2. Plan meals in advance
    Keep fruits and low fat treats available. If you know you’re going to face an emotional day, be prepared.

    3. Drink plenty of water
    Many people confuse hunger for thirst. The next time you find yourself rummaging through the refrigerator, ask yourself what are you really looking for? If you don’t know, try drinking a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. If you still feel hungry after 20 minutes, then have a sensible meal or snack.

    4. Increase activity
    Light activity such as walking will increase endorphins. Endorphins are the “feel good” chemical that the brain produces and causes a sense of well-being.
    For many people food is their companion. It doesn’t judge them, talk back to them, and it’s always there when they need it.

    -What most people don’t realize is that food doesn’t respect them, care for them, and it can’t make a situation better

    ***Unlike Ana :)

    -With that said, remember that Inner happiness will come from being THIN and it will last longer than eating any chocolate bar.

  • At 7:17 PM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    Need help boosting your metabolism...

    When it comes to jump-starting metabolism, rumors abound. For a reality check, we turned to Cynthia Sass, R.D., spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. Here are her tips:

    1. Build muscle. You do have certain genetic limitations when it comes to boosting metabolism, but muscle helps. Research shows that muscle burns calories even when you're not working out: A Tufts University study found that after 15 weeks of weight training, women's resting metabolic rates increased by 15 percent. Even if you don't make it to the gym, try real-life workouts: Tote your groceries to the car and forget the elevator.

    2. Eat breakfast. Missing out on calories early in the day can actually slow your metabolism, because your body is trying to conserve energy. That means your morning activities could burn up to 40 percent fewer calories than if you'd taken a minute to eat.

    3. Forget the myths. Urban legend has it that hot peppers and grapefruit aid metabolism, but no solid research proves this, Sass says. She recommends sticking to dietary guidelines from the National Academy of Sciences: Aim to get 45 to 65 percent of your daily calories from carbohydrates, 10 to 35 percent from protein, and 20 to 35 percent from fat.

    4. For a quick boost to your metabolism, try oolong tea. In a 2002 Tufts study, people who drank 5 10-ounce cups a day for 3 days increased their metabolism 3 percent more than folks who drank water.

  • At 10:53 AM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    Craving Chocolate???

    A deficiency of magnesium leads to the craving, try taking a multi-viatamin or magnesium supplement instead and remember a moment on the lips FOREVER on the hips.

  • At 11:02 AM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    An apple everyday keeps the doctor away, but how about we drop the apple (81 cals yikes!) and start taking a multi-viatamin. Here's a list of common viatamin and mineral definciences...

    Vitamin Deficiencies

    -Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene): Found in fish and liver, green and yellow fruits and vegetables, Apricots, asparagus, beets, broccoli, butter, cataloupe, carrots, cheese, garlic, green olives, milk products, mustard (fresh), papaya, parsley, peaches, prunes, red peppers, sweet potatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and watercress.

    Bones, eyes, hair, immune system, skin, soft tissues and teeth.

    Acne, allergies, loss of appetite, blindness, colds, dry hair, eye sties, fatigue, insomnia, impaired growth, itching and burning eyes, loss of smell, night blindness, dry skin, sinus trouble, steroid synthesis reduction; Decreased immune system function, cancer suseptibility. (Vitamin A is essential for bones and teeth and protects against cold and flu.)

    -Vitamin B Complex: Found in dairy products, meat, nuts and vegetables high in protein, broccoli, beans, brown rice, cabbage, cauliflower, cheese, eggs, fish, meat, milk, poultry, pork, oatmeal, raisins, spinach, asparagus, nuts, peanut butter, brussel sprouts, whole grains, and yogurt.

    Body cells, eyes, gastrointestinal tract, hair, liver, mouth, nervous system, skin.

    Acne, anemia, appetite loss, bad breath, cholesterol (high), circulation (poor), constipation, dark tongue color, depression, digestive disturbances, fatigue, dry hair or hair falling out, hypertension, insomnia, tender/painful leg muscles, nervousness, dry or rough skin. Problems muscle tone in the gastrointestinal tract, and liver. Depression and anxiety. Anemia, contributes to electrolyte imbalances. Memory loss, nervous system disorders, and immune system problems (low platelet count).

    -Vitamin B12: Found in beef, blue cheese, cheese, clams, crab, fish, eggs, herring, kidney, liver, mackerel, milk and milk products, pork, seafood and tofu. It is not found in vegetables - only in animal sources.
    (all vitamin B supplements should be taken together).

    liver, nerves, red blood cells, gastrointestinal tract.

    appetite loss, diminished reflex responses, fatigue, irritability, memory impairment, mental depression and confusion, nervousness, pernicious anemia, unpleasant body odor, walking and speaking difficulties, weakness in arms and legs. A deficiency can cause problems with digestion, absorption of food, metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, nerves, fertility, growth and development. There can also be hallucinations, memory loss, eye disorders, and anemia. A vitamin B12 deficiency can indicate there is a problem with absorption (common in people with digestive disorders).

    -Vitamin C: Found in green vegetables, berries and citrus fruits, asparagus, broccoli, beef liver, brussel sprouts, cataloupe, cauliflower, citrus fruits (like grapefruit and oranges), lemons, mangos, sweet peppers, pineapple, radishes, spinach, strawberries, and tomatoes -- just about all fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Adrenal glands, blood, bones, capillary walls, cells, connective tissue (skin/ ligaments/ bones/ gums), heart, mucous membranes, nervous system and teeth.

    anemia, bleeding gums, breath shortness, capillary wall ruptures (bruise easily), dental cavities, low infection resistance (colds), muscle degeneration, nosebleeds, poor digestion, stress, weakened cartilages, blood clots, and slow healing wounds. Vitamin C helps prevent infection, enhances immunology and can help prevent cancer.

    -Vitamin D: Found in fish and dairy products fortified with vitamin D. Also: Eggs, butter, milk, oatmeal, salmon, sardines, sweet potatoes, and tuna. And, vitamin D can be converted from the action of sunlight on the skin!

    Bones, heart, kidneys, nervous system, skin, teeth and thyroid gland.

    Brittle and fragile bones, burning in mouth and throat, diarrhea, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, low blood calcium, myopia, nervousness, pale skin, poor metabolism, rickets, sensitivity to pain, soft bones and teeth, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, and hypocalcemia. Vitamin D also enhances the immune system.

    -Vitamin E: Found in vegetable oils, whole grains, vegetables (dark leafy green), nuts and seeds, spinach, almonds, herring, kale, peanuts, brown rice, cornmeal, eggs, milk, oatmeal, organ meats, sweet potatoes, soy beans, unrefined cereal, and wheat germ.

    Arteries, blood vessels, heart, lungs, nerves, pituitary glands and skin.

    Enlarged prostate gland, gastrointestinal disease, dry or falling out hair, impotency, miscarraiges, muscular wasting, muscle weakness, sterility. Decreased circulation, slow tissue healing, leg cramps. Vitamin E helps prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, cataracts and reduces scarring from some wounds. Zinc and Vitamin E work together.

    -Vitamin K: Found in alfalfa, broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables and soybeans. Also: brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, egg yolks, liver, oatmeal, rye, and wheat.

    Blood, bones, metabolism and liver function.

    Brittle or fragile bones, low platelet count in blood and poor blood clotting, high glucose in blood. Vitamin K plays an essential role in blood clotting and bone formation. Can help to prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin K also converts glucose into glycogen for storage in the liver.

    -Folic Acid: Found in beans, beef, bran, barley, brown rice, cheese, chicken, dates, green leafy vegetables, lamb, lentils, liver, milk, oranges, organ meats (like liver), split peas, pork, root vegetables (like carrots), salmon, tuna, whole grains, whole wheat and yeast.

    Metabolism, red blood cells, overall growth and development, and nerves.

    Sore tongue, B12 deficiency, depression or anxiety, and fatigue. Folid Acid is needed for energy production, protein metabolism, the formation of red blood cells and it vital for normal growth and development. A deficiency of Folic Acid may contribute to depression and anxiety, a B12 deficiency, and birth defects in pregnant women.

    ***Mineral Deficiencies***

    -Calcium: ONE OF THE ESSENTIALS IN MAINTAINING ELECTROLYTE BALANCE -- Found in dairy foods, seafood and green leafy vegetables, sea vegetables (arame, dulse, hijki, kelp, wakame), molasses, nuts, almonds, asparagus, broccoli, buttermilk, cabbage, carob, cheese, shell fish, kale, oats, parsley, prunes, whey, tofu and yogurt.

    Blood, bones, circulatory/ digestive/enzymatic/ immune and nervous systems, heart, muscles, skin, soft tissues and teeth.

    Arm and leg numbness, brittle fingernails, eczema, fragile bones, headaches, heart palpitations, hypertension, insomnia, irritability, muscle cramps, nervousness, osteomalacia, osteoporsis, osteopenia, periodontal disease, rickets, tooth decay; Irregular heartbeat and slowed nerve impulse response, decreased muscle growth, aching joints, and arthritis. Calcium is an essential mineral for overall health. Vitamin D is essential for proper calcium absorption and utilization.

    -Chromium (GTF): Found in apples, black pepper, calves liver, cheese, meat and whole grains, grapes, cheese, chicken, corn and corn oil, dairy products, mushrooms, potatoes, beer, oysters, brown rice and dried beans.

    Adrenal glands, brain, blood, circulatory system, heart, immune system, liver and white blood cells.

    Disturbed amino acid metabolism, increased serum cholesterol, impaired glucose tolerance, lack of energy, myopia, protein/calorie malnutrition, susceptibility to infection; Lowered or escalated blood sugar levels, coronary artery disease. It is essential to the metabolism of glucose and is needed for energy and the synthesis of cholesterol, fats and protein.

    -Copper: Found in almonds, avocado, beans, barley, cauliflower, nuts, lamb chops, oranges, organ meats, peanuts, pecans, raisins, salmon and seafood (especially oysters), legumes, green leafy vegetables, radishes and soybeans.

    Blood, bones, circulatory system, hair, and skin.

    depression, elevated serum cholesterol, fractures and bone deforminities, general weakness, impaired respiration, skin sores. Osteoporosis, slowed healing procsss, poor hair and skin coloring and loss in taste sensitivity. Copper works in balance with zinc and vitamin c to form elastin and aids in the formation of bones and red blood cells.

    -Iodine: Found in iodized salts, seafood and kelp. Also: asparagus, fish, garlic, lima beans, mushrooms, sesame seeds, soybeans, spinach (cooked), turnip greens.

    Immune system, thyroid, brain.

    Decreased chances of breast cancer, slowed mental and physical development. Thyroid dysfunction. Iodine is needed for a healthy thyroid. Mental retardation may result from an iodine deficiency in children. It is only needed in trace amounts.

    -Iron: Found in eggs, clams, fish, liver, meat, poultry, dark green leafy vegetables, enriched breads and cereals, brewer's yeast, dates, dulse, egg yolks, kidney and lima beanss, lentils, millet, parsley, peaches, pears, dried prunes, pumpkins, raisins, rice and wheat bran, sesame seeds and soybeans.

    Blood, bones, metabolic system, muscles, nails, skin and teeth.

    Breathing difficulties, brittle nails, dry or falling-out hair, dizziness, iron deficiency anemia (pale skin, fatigue), constipation, sore or inflamed tongue. Iron is vital for it's production of hemoglobin and oxygenation of red blood cells. Needed for healthy growth and the resistance of disease, and for a healthy immune system and energy.

    -Magnesium: ONE OF THE ESSENTIALS IN MAINTAINING ELECTROLYTE BALANCE -- Found in most foods, especially dairy products, fish, meat and seafood. Also: apples, apricots, bananas, brown rice, figs, garlic, lima beans, peaches, salmon, sesame seeds, tofu, green leafy vegetables, wheat and whole grains.

    Arteries, bones, cells, digestive/ immune/ nervous and reproductive systems, heart, nerves, and teeth.

    aching muscles, anxiety, broken nails, confusion, decreased blood pressure and body temperature, disorientation, easily aroused anger, hair loss, hyperactivity, insomnia, muscle tremors, nervousness, noise sensitivity, rapid pulse and sound sensitivity. Deficiency interferes with the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses, causes depression and dizziness, muscle weakness, twitching, heart disease and blood pressure problems, and disruption in proper pH balance. Magnesium plays an important role in the formation of bone, carbohydrate and mineral metabolism. It is vital to enzyme activity and assists in calcium and potassium uptake. Use of diuretics, laxatives, vomitting and diarrhea can significantly contribute to the body's need for magnesium.

    -Phosphorus: ONE OF THE ESSENTIALS IN MAINTAINING ELECTROLYTE BALANCE -- Found in most foods, especially asparagus, bran, corn, dairy products, eggs, fish, dried fruit, garlic, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, meats, poultry, salmon, soda, wheat bran and whole grains.

    Bones, brain cells, circulatory and digestive systems, eyes, liver, muscles, nerves and teeth.

    Appetite loss, bone pain, fatigue, irregular breathing, nervous disorders; Bone and tooth problems, heart and kidney problems. Phosphorus is essential for helping the body to utilize vitamins and to convert food to energy. A balance of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus should always be maintained in the body for proper health. Diets high in junk food, including soda and diet soda, can contribute to too much phosphorus which can inhibit calcium uptake.

    -Potassium: ONE OF THE ESSENTIALS IN MAINTAINING ELECTROLYTE BALANCE -- Food sources for Potassium include dairy foods, fish, fruit, meat, poultry and vegetables, whole grains, apricots, avocado, bananas, brown rice, cantaloupe, carrot juice, dates, figs, dried fruit, garlic, lima beans, nuts, peaches, potatoes, raisins, wheat bran and yams.

    Blood, endocrine/ digestive and nervous systems, heart, kidneys, muscles and skin.

    Acne, constipation, continuous thirst, decreased blood pressure, dry skin, edema, increased cholesterol, insomnia, muscle and general weakness, nervousness, respiratory distress, salt retention, skin and hair problems, irregular heartbeat, weak reflexes; Deficiency interferes with the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses, heart palpatations and arrhythmias, heart attack, stroke. Potassium is important for chemical reactions within the cells and aids in maintaining stable blood pressure and in transmitting electrochemical impulses. It also regulates the transfer of nutrients to the cells. Use of diuretics, laxatives, vomitting and diarrhea can significantly contribute to the body's need for potassium.

    -Sodium: ONE OF THE ESSENTIALS IN MAINTAINING ELECTROLYTE BALANCE -- Virtually all foods contain sodium. Celery, cheese, eggs, meat, milk and milk products, miso, poultry, processed foods, salt, seafood and sea vegetables.

    Blood, lymphatic system, muscles and nerves.

    appetite loss, cramps, decreased resistance to infection, eye disturbances, fatigue, intestinal gas, muscle shrinkage, vomiting, weakness; Confusion, low blood sugar, dehydration, lethargy, heart palpatations and heart attack. Sodium is necessary for maintaining the proper water balance and blood pH. It is also needed for stomach, nerve and muscle function.

    -Sulfur: Found in brussel sprouts, dried beans, cabbage, eggs, garlic, fish, meats, and onions.

    Skin, immune system, blood, liver

    Dryness of skin, increased risks of infection, poor resistance to bacterial infections. Sulfur is essential to disinfecting the blood and resisting bacteria. It aids in oxidation reactions, stimulates bile secretions in the liver and protects against toxic substances.

    -Zinc: Found in fish, meats, poultry, seafood and whole grains, beef liver, egg yolks, lamb chops, lima beans, liver, mushrooms, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sardines, and soybeans, wheat germ and whole grains.

    Blood, bones, eyes, heart, joints, liver, and prostate gland.

    Acne, brittle nails, decreased learning ability, delayed sexual maturity, eczema, fatigue, loss of taste and smell, poor appetite, poor circulation, poor memory, prolonged wound healing, retarded growth, skin problems, splitting hair, sterility, white spots on nails; Problems with prostate gland function, and immune system, liver damage. Zinc intake and absorption is needed to maintain the proper concentrations of vitamin E in the blood. Zinc levels can be decreased by diarrhea, kidney disease, cirrhosis or the liver, diabetes. Consuming "hard water" can upset zinc levels.

  • At 2:18 AM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    Dirty Little Diet Secrets

    You can never have too many little secrets. Here's a few to get you started.

    1. Cut down on the sugar you use. Just for starters, do you any idea how much sugar is in cereal these days? Start with unsweetened and then sprinkle equal or sweet and low on top.

    2. Work a lot of raw vegetables into your diet. If they are sitting in front of you, you will eat them. Surprisingly enough, carrot sticks do taste good!

    3. Reduce the fat. Look for products that contain significantly less fat or make your own from scratch and drizzle instead of pour. I'm thinking popcorn here.

    4. Discover spices. You will be amazed at how much flavor they can add to your meals. Same goes for lemon and lime juice.

    7. Mind your portions. I find it really easy by simply choosing a smaller plate. To the eye it looks satisfying, but you are still eating less.

    8. I mentioned fresh vegetables above, but I failed to mention that fresh also means avoiding sodium, preservatives and other goodies that we don't need.

  • At 4:56 AM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    Why willpower alone won't save you:

    Most dieters start out buzzing with enthusiasm, determined to meet their weight-loss goals. Healthy eating and avoiding temptations top the menu - and fueled with their new-found "willpower", they're convinced they'll stick to their goals. But as the days and weeks go by, willpower diminishes and junk-food and other diet-disasters find their way onto the menu once again; the pounds refuse to budge anywhere but upwards. Feelings of disappointment and failure become overwhelming. To add to the punch, most dieters then get mad with themselves for lacking discipline and not having enough willpower to see their challenges through. If this sounds like you - take heart. The fact is, willpower is simply a weak ally in the war against temptation. It's not you that lacks staying power, it's willpower itself.

    Read on to find out why willpower is not your best bet when it comes to avoiding temptation foods and learn what you can do instead.

    What is willpower?
    Willpower is defined as "energetic determination." It's a state of mind born of a desire to improve or change something we do, and that can be a good thing. But it's all too easy to treat willpower like a magic spell - just believe that your state of mind is enough to make you change behaviors or resist temptation and "poof!" all desire to eat that bag of Fritos disappears. (We wish!)

    We also tend to get the idea of willpower out of hand, thinking it's the be-all and end-all of dieting success and that if we don't have enough of it, we're doomed. Think about the last time you decided to cut back on junk-food. Did you think that "energetic determination" (better known as willpower) would help you stay the course? When you failed, did you think "I just don't have enough willpower"? Actually, your willpower was never going to be enough in the first place; a different approach is needed. And here's why.

    Willpower is a diminishing resource
    Studies testing the durability and dependability of willpower to change behaviors, to avoid temptations, or to tackle major projects have shown that willpower is a diminishing resource.

    Through a number of tests in a variety of situations, researchers at Case Western Reserve University concluded that you cannot employ willpower for too long or for too many tasks because it does not remain constant, but in fact weakens with use. They showed that the strength of willpower diminishes in direct proportion to how much it is used and that the more an individual relies on willpower, the less available it becomes. Given these findings, it is easy to see why the ability to consistently say no is so short-lived.

    Oh, sweet (gooey, chocolate) memories

    Mmmm...choc-chip cookiesWillpower also fails because it can't match up to the power of human memory. Human beings respond to all types of stimuli through the five senses. Think about the last time you heard a song that transported you back in time. You probably remembered the scene vividly, recalling when it was, where it was and who you were with. Your mind may have gone back twenty years or more and yet the memory was crystal clear, as were the feelings associated with it.

    So what do you think happens when you see or smell one of your favorite foods? As with the song, you are besieged with stimuli that stir up your senses and your emotions, taking you back in time to when you last sunk your teeth into that gooey chocolate-chip cookie. (And didn't it taste goooood?)

    When faced with the food you are so ardently trying to deny yourself, it's very hard to resist the temptation to indulge because memory overwhelms you. Willpower has some serious forces to battle with and if you rely on it for too long, it will weaken and eventually fail.

    Now what?
    If you can't rely on willpower, what can you rely on to resist temptation? The answer is so evident, that you'll slap your forehead for not thinking of it! Here it is... drum-roll please... Limit what you allow to bombard your senses. Keep the tempting food out of your way, and you won't have to use up your willpower resisting it. That's it! Simple huh?

    Out of sight, out of mind
    Whoever coined this phrase must have been on a diet and must have discovered that willpower wasn't enough! "Out of sight, out of mind" is the golden rule for avoiding diet-disaster foods. It means that if it's not in plain sight, if you can't see it our smell it, it won't bombard your senses and entice you into eating. Of course, you can't avoid every encounter with tempting foods; you can't clean out the pantries of the world! But you can control what is in your house, which is statistically the most likely environment for calorie-control slip-ups.

    Our advice to you is to remove all "temptation" foods from the house right away - drop this page and do it now if you have to! Give it to the neighbors, throw it in the trash, feed it to the cat - anything you can to get rid of it (except eating it of course).

    Foods to keep out of sight and out of mind include:

    Trigger foods
    -Any food that you know you can't limit to one serving
    -Any snack or food that you eliminated when you last lost weight because you knew it was unhealthy and too high in calories
    -Finger foods that are primarily carbohydrates and sugar
    -Foods that you use to manage stress or uncomfortable emotions
    -If you are reluctant to get rid of certain foods because you may inconvenience the family, remember that unhealthy food is unhealthy for everybody. If you really believe that you are depriving other people in your house of cookies, candy, or junk-food, they can always eat them out of the house.

    If you are away from home and come face-to-face with an "out of sight, out of mind" food, then you may need to draw on some willpower to say "no". However, remember that saying "no" is just a good habit. And the more it becomes a habit, the less you need to rely on willpower. Perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said:

    "It is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all that follows it."

    This article was compiled in consultation with experts.


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