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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The All-Mighty Fast!!!

Never quit. It is the easiest cop-out in the world. Set a goal and don't quit until you attain it. When you do attain it, set another goal, and don't quit until you reach it. Never quit.
: Bear Bryant :


  • At 8:02 AM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    fast 1 : to abstain from food 2 : to eat sparingly or abstain from some foods

    fasting is widely misunderstood. many people believe that anyone who stops eating for more than several hours is starving themself, but to starve (according to merriam webster) is to perish from lack of food, to kill with hunger, to destroy by or cause to suffer from deprivation. the word starve is actually derived from a latin word meaning "to die".

    fasting can be an incredible spiritual experience, besides the weight loss and health benefits.

    when you're free of food you gain an enormous amount of clarity in making decisions, understanding and thinking in general. your senses, besides taste, are heightened (like with the loss of any sense, the other four become stronger). your eyes become whiter and your skin looks clear and healthy. your body is being refreshed.

    normally your body spends a huge amount of energy digesting food - part of the reason why after eating you feel very tired. a lot of this food is unnecessary and a waste of energy to digest. today most people's digestive system is always working because so many people don't understand that you do not need to eat every time your stomach is empty! when your body doesn't have to use so much energy digesting food, it can focus energy on healing other parts and releasing the toxins from your body. your body, whether you realize it or not, contains a huge amount of toxins that build up after years of eating inorganic foods and being in certain environments. many people, when they fast for long or often enough, will go through a "cleansing crisis", in which they will feel very ill, feverish and sometimes naucious, when all of the toxins are being excreted from their body.

    there are water-fasts and juice-fasts. water fasts are more difficult because you are drinking only water, getting no calories or nutrients. juice provides a minimal amount of calories and necessary nutrients. the amount of weight loss in each kind is pretty close.

    obviously there are no rules for a fast, you can drink whatever you want. i personally recommend drinking water, herbal tea, and "clear" juices or broths during a juice fast. there are a lot of really good herbal teas that are especially for fasting, dieting and detox which can usually be found at health food stores and the likes. by clear juices i mean juices without pulp or anything else in, just pure liquid. it's your choice of how many juice calories you want to take in each day.

    i think that days 2-4 are the most difficult when beginning any kind of fast, just because you're getting used to it and easing out of your solid food habits. the best way to avoid giving in to cravings is to avoid being around food or other people who are eating, but i wouldn't recommend telling anyone about your fast unless you think they'll be supportive.

    blood circulation won't be at its best during a fast because your metabolism slows down, so you should stretch and do some kind of exercise every day, like walking.

    george bernard shaw once said: “ any fool can start a fast, but only an intelligent man knows how to conduct one, and only a wise man knows how to end his fast.” he was a wise man. :) ending a fast is difficult, and it's best to ease slowly back into eating solid food. the first day off of a fast shouldn't be much more than raw, light vegetables, fruits, and maybe some brown rice, nuts, eggs...light, nutritious stuff. coming off of a fast gradually is so difficult, so it's helpful to plan ahead what you're going to eat rather than wander into the kitchen and eat whatever tickles your fancy - everything will be tickling your fancy when you haven't eaten for a week.

  • At 9:13 AM, Blogger The Ana Belles said…

    Make a plan and stick with it. Too many alternatives lead to wavering, indecisiveness, and ultimately, failure. It is one thing to have a back-up plan to implement when circumstances warrant, but another thing entirely to plan for failure by having too many alternative plans, too much "either this or that or the other", in case you waver from the original plan. In those cases, you set yourself up for failure, because you conceive of a plan and then you tell yourself, "but if I cannot handle this --" (translate: if this causes me any discomfort) "-- I can always do X or Y instead." This sets a domino effect in motion, for then when you come to this X or Y, you repeat the process, moving onto Z or Q or whatever other of a dozen alternatives present themselves. In the end, you make no real decisions at all, execute nothing volitional, but are simply tossed here and there by the whimsical tide of emotion, feeling and sensation. The stomach growls a little more than you anticipated, so you modify your plan. The fragrance of forbidden morsels calls to you more insistently than you thought it would, so you modify your plan. Stop modifying endlessly. Decide upon something and stick with it. Replace it with something else when it ceases to be effective, or because you have finished your experiment with it and decide rationally to move on to another plan -- NOT because suddenly you feel inconvenienced by it.

    An end to this nonsense:

    "I am going to fast on water only for three days, except if I feel weak or hungry then I will have some chicken broth, or else I might eat one nutrition bar, or two nutrition bars, but if I do that then I will just switch to 2-4-6-8 for the week, only if I end up eating too many calories I'll just reverse it and do 8-6-4-2, except if I really binge bad, then I will have to fast on water only for at least a day to make up for that."
    ENOUGH! Can you not yet see that this is literally PLANNING TO FAIL? When you plan around the possibilities of failure, of wavering from your determinations and your plans, you are planning for failure to happen. You might as well give it up before you start and go ahead and make a pig out of yourself. Obviously that is what you want to do when you play games like this. Don't try to tell me it is not. Instead, get serious, quit playing games with yourself. What you really want, you must choose, and what you choose, you must give priority. Personal discomfort and inconvenience is not sufficient reason to give up on your plans. Endure, press on, in spite of it. No pain, no gain. No loss, either. ;-)

    The stink of sweat is the odor of toxin leaving the body. Fat is like toxin; the poison of pointless hoarding, the physical manifestation of the spiritual equivalent of a pig wallowing in filth. The odor of sweat indicates fat is leaving the body, being consumed in the metabolic furnace. That is the only usefulness it has: to be burned like refuse, consumed, and discarded. The sound of your stomach growling and its hollow gnawing are signals that your furnace is burning and your body is seeking fuel. Give it the fuel most readily available: that which it has already stored.


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